Write in Ruins

Now that you're familiar with Viking writing, why not put it to the test?  See if you can write these words using Viking runes!  We’ve included a Viking Rune Writer so you can use that as a guide:

FORT: _____________________________________________________________

RUNE: _____________________________________________________________

BATTLE: _____________________________________________________________

WARRIOR: ________________________________________________________


Fun Facts: The Vikings in Ireland

  • Some days of the week are named after Viking Gods;
    • The great raven god Odin, otherwise known as Woden, gives us Wednesday (Woden's Day).  
    • Tuesday and Friday are named after Tyr and Frigg, the god and goddess of war and marriage.  
    • Most famously, the Norse god of thunder and strength Thor gives us our Thursday.  So, happy Thors-day everybody!
  • Dublin, Wexford, Cork, Limerick and Waterford are all towns that were developed by the Vikings in Ireland.
  • Despite popular belief, Vikings never wore horned helmets. Christians added this detail at a later date to make the Vikings look even more barbarian, with horns like the devil.  

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