1950s Quiz

See how many of these True / False answers you can get right:

1) In the 1950s, most babies were not born in hospital.  True / False?

2) Toys could be made from sticks, stones and even matches!  True / False?

3) Children stayed in school even after they were 18 years old.  True / False?

4) Saturday night was bath night for most people.  True / False?

5) Children didn't have to do any chores.   True / False? 

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Marble Madness!

Marbles were very popular with young people in the 1950s.  Here's a fun way to make your very own Funhouse Marble Game.

What You Need:

  • Empty shoe box
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Poster paints
  • Paintbrush
  • Marbles (or any small, circular objects that roll)

How to Make a Funhouse

Step 1: Remove the lid from the shoe box and cut the bottom flaps off it too so that you are left with just the four walls.

Step 2: In one short end of the box, cut out two small arches, about two inches wide and two inches tall. Make sure there's an inch of cardboard between the arches.

Step 3: In the other short end of the box, cut out three smaller arches. Again, make sure there's space between each arch and between the arches and the sides of the box. Paint a design around each arch, such as a monster mouth.

Step 4: Paint the outside of the box on the side with the two arches, and on the inside of the box with the side with the three arches. Let it dry.

Step 5: Above the two arches write "5" points and "10" points. Write "5" / "10" / "5" point amounts above each of the three arches on the inside of the box.

Step 6: Make sure there's an object on the other side of the box to catch the marbles as they come out the other side.

Step 7: Get shooting! Place a marble at a distance from one of the arch mouth and try to flick it through using your thumb and forefinger. The number of points you get depends on which holes the marble goes through. Play five rounds of marble-shooting fun and work out who’s the winner!

Send us pictures or videos of what you have done. Ask your parents to help you send them to rte.ie/learn

Quiz Answers: True / True / False / True / False