It's time to put your reputation on the line! Will these itesm sink or swim?

A container of water (60 Litres), various objects that will be tested to sink or swim. Finally building a boat out of playdoh that we will fill with peas to test how many it can carry. Peas be with you.

CLASS: 4th 50 mins SESE (SCIENCE)

Curriculum links - Science

  • Energy and Forces – investigate floating and sinking
  • Materials and Engineering – Learning how things like ships and submarines float or sink.

Learning Objectives - WALT (We are learning to…)

  • Make predictions about what different objects will sink or float.
  • About different weights, sizes, densities and materials of objects and how these factors may influence floating ability. 

Teaching Methodologies

  • Talk and Discussion - listening, questioning
  • Collaborative/Cooperative Learning - group work
  • Active Learning – Hands on learning experience with real life examples. 
  • Skills through Content: observing, predicting, describing, recording, classifying. 


Shopping List!

  • Basin of water
  • Different objects to test – fruit, bottle cap, paperclip, leaves, small toys, 
  • Let the children guess and choose more!

Fill the basin with water. Hold up the different objects and ask the children to predict which objects will float or sink, have them fill it into a piece of paper with SINK & FLOAT columns. Test the different objects and see the results. 

Discuss why some objects float and some sink. Use terms like "heavier than water" or "lighter than water".  

Try different tests with the same object, a bottle cap will float when facing upwards, will it support stone?  This is how ships work! You can explore this more with some modelling clay. Steel is denser than water but because of the SHAPE they can float.

An orange will float, however if they are peeled, the segments will sink and the skin will float, this is because the skin alone lighter than the water, while the body is heavier.  

Can you think of an object that can float and sink? - submarines, bottles (full or empty?), scuba divers.