Welcome to today's 1st and 2nd class Activity Sheet.


Can you remember what these signs and symbols mean -


And here are a few more that you might be able to guess. The answers are at the bottom of the page.



Why are pirates called pirates? – They just arrrrrgh!

Why couldn't the pirates play cards? – They were standing on the deck.

What did the sea say to the Pirate Captain? – Nothing. It waved.


Activity – Arts and Crafts

So now you are an expert on maps, let's have a bit of pirate fun and make your very own treasure map.

Making a Treasure Map

What you’ll need – Paper, tea bag, water, markers

Steps –

1. To make the map look old you start by tearing the straight sides off the page, so it is nice and ragged.

2. Soak the tea bag and rub it all over the paper on both sides until it is a nice brown colour.

3. Crumple up the page, and open it up again, to make it look extra old and battered. Then, leave it to dry for a few hours.

Tip: Do a few pages. That means you have spares if you want to do a couple of maps for different games with your family.

4. When your map is dry it should look like it's hundreds of years old. And now it’s time to draw your map.

5. You can use the skills you learned earlier from the teacher to draw an accurate map of your room or whole house, or you can draw a totally made up pirate world of palm trees and sea monsters. Don't forget to put an X where the treasure is.

6. To finish your map off, roll it up, and keep it rolled up with a piece of string or ribbon, or anything that can keep it rolled up and looks good.

7. Have fun!

Send us a picture or video of you making the map or the finished map by filling out the form below: 

Answers - Information, Parking, Shower, Fuel, Restaurant, Toilet, Swimming pool, Airport, Campsite, Picnic Area, Lighthouse.