Reem learns about the Normans. Molly has have lots of great wildlife stories about Pine Martens, eagles and pandas. Plus, more news from Ireland and around the world.

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Reem jumped back in town to find out about the Normans thanks to our friends at Monkstown Educate Together NS. What a cool way to learn history!

Conor Macauley has a report on the Pine Marten. Experts with Ulster Wildlife say a recent survey has shown a major resurgence in the woodland creature. They found them in twice as many woodlands as the last time they checked back in 2017.

There is now a population of them in each of the six counties of Northern Ireland, where previously they had mainly been concentrated in County Fermanagh. It is good news for another native mammal, the red squirrel too!

And there is more great news for wildlife as George Lee tells us. The National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) has said it is delighted that a male white-tailed eagle that had been living alone for the past four years on the east Clare side of Lough Derg has bonded with a female and the pair have now produced two chicks together.

Plus lots more news from Ireland and around the world.

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