It's the start of a new week! Molly hears about how important it is to always learn new words. Reem is making art from a classic fairytale. And, there's more art from kids in Jordan and we pick up a story about penguins.

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Words are really important and we should always try to keep learning new ones - even grown-ups don't know ALL the words in the world! So, Molly met the gang at Holy Spirit Girls National School to see what they were doing in class to learn new ones.

Reem received some reports on how windy it gets at night, and aren't we lucky our houses aren't being blown away? So she went along to Monkstown Educate Together NS where pupils were huffing and puffing all the houses down!

Molly is in studio with more updates and reports including an amazing group of young blind artists from Jordan. They are using their sense of smell to help create their work. And we hear how 6 penguin chicks are living in Mexico.

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