In this episode of What's for Dinner? we’re in Dublin where a pair of Fr-Irish children share their mum’s recipe for Galette.

These savoury crêpe from Brittany in France are gluten-free, nutty in flavour and a lot of fun to make. You can practice flipping them, folding them into squares and filling them with whatever you like.

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If you’ve had crêpe before, chances are they were sweet and filled with fruit or chocolate. Galette are savoury crêpe, from Brittany in France and made from buckwheat flour, which makes them gluten free. They are really simple to make, but packed with flavour.

Your host Florrie is loving her galette!

Ella (9) and Eve (5) love galette. Their mum Marina, worked with a crêpier from Brittany and got the real-deal, traditional recipe. It has just five ingredients and can be whisked up in no time.

There are jobs for all ages from measuring ingredients, to cracking eggs and even when it comes to cooking - once there’s an adult on hand - everyone can have a go at flipping or sprinkling fillings on top.

Here is what you need and how to cook it up! And remember, always have an adult around to help and keep an eye on things!!

Marina explains how to make the classic 'galette complète’ with ham, cheese and egg, served in a square-fold. The great thing is though, you can put anything you like into these, some of our favourites include; creamy mushrooms, spinach, chicken or tofu.

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