In case you missed ALL the ads on TV, the radio or even the billboards on the's nearly back to school time...

There are lots of different ways to get to school, but did you ever wonder about who invented things like bikes, scooters or even rollerskates?!

Well, the Body Brothers with Auntie B have a whole series of shows all about amazing inventions.

Click here to watch the show all about bicycles here!

We know the lads love to sing and dance, so we have two fun songs for you to hear right now. Press play up to top to see the Bike Song and then get your skates on below!

The Body Brothers love to literally make a song and dance about the world around them. Now they're looking to their favourite inventions for inspiration!

Click here to see Auntie B's facts on amazing inventions!

You can watch all the episodes of Body Brothers on RTÉ Player now!!