Will Sliney's Storytellers is coming back for a new series and Marvel artist Will wants your superhero designs! He will pick some of the best to redraw and appear in the show!!

Will Sliney's Storytellers: The Rise of the Superheroes, coming to your screens later this year, is an all-out comic book themed drawing show where Will will teach you how to create brand new superheroes and supervillains.

Will says: "The idea behind the art competition is to give children the exact thing that I dared not dream about when I was younger. Your characters appearing on a TV show. The truth is that everybody has the potential out there to become incredible comic book artists, video game concept artists, movie directors etc. So hopefully this competition will inspire more kids to stick with art as it's one of the best careers out there."

A select few of your designs will be redrawn and animated by Will, so this is a chance for you to see your creations as you have never seen them before.

To enter, just create an original hero (stay away from redrawing Spidey, Batman, etc.) and tag Will on the drawing and use #wewilldraw on social media.

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And click here to catch up on Series 1 of Will Sliney's Storytellers on RTÉ Player!