Move over Peppa Pig, here comes Peppa Muc! Yes, that's right, everyone's favourite puddle-jumping pig is now fluent as Gaeilge!

The show will be on TV, on RTÉ Player and we even have the first five episodes on the RTÉjr YouTube channel too. Tune in wherever you want and you can even look at two episodes here - just press play on the video in this article!

Click here to watch Peppa Muc on the RTÉ Player!

It's a great way to learn some Irish words and here are some to get you started!

Muc = Pig

Daidí = Daddy

Mamaí = Mommy

Deartháir = Brother

Mamó = Granny

Daideo = Grandpa

Naíonra = Playschool

Múinteoir = Teacher

Locháin Uisce = Puddles

Spraoi = Play

Cairde = Friends

Liathróid Ball

Bréagáin = Toys

Damhsa = Dancing

Ceol = Music

Amhrán = Song

Leabhar = Book

Sioráf = Giraffe

Dineasár = Dinosaur

Coinín = Rabbit

Capaillín = Pony

Madra = Dog

Mac Tíre = Wolf

Séabra = Zebra

Caora = Sheep

Eilifint = Elephant

Sionnach = Fox

Luch = Mouse

Caochán = Mole

And you can watch Peppa Pig in English here on the RTÉ Player!