Did you see #IrelandsFuture Is Mine - The Final?? It was the first eSports final on Irish TV. It's a really big deal and two schools battle it out to be All-Ireland Champions.

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But, the problem is that when you are trying to watch the show, some of the grown-ups will be asking you LOADS of questions about what's going on...so we have a really quick guide to Minecraft for everyone who doesn't play the game from hosts MC and John!

What makes Minecraft: Education Edition unique in comparison to other versions of Minecraft?

In the show the teams build using Minecraft: Education Edition. It's made specifically for education, meaning that it has special features for learners such as easy tutorials, classroom management tools for teachers, classroom collaboration features and tons of sample lessons for players to explore their favourite subject through Minecraft.

Creative Mode is the typical mode used within Minecraft: Education Edition, this means that players have full access to the inventory and every item in the game as well as the ability to fly. Whereas survival mode is the default mode in regular Minecraft, where you must scavenge for raw materials, fight off enemy mobs and craft items to survive.

Check out how John and MC got on in Survival Mode here...

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