Cillian O'Reilly - aka Classic Reilly - is a huge Irish TikTok star with 1.2 million dedicated followers to his Minecraft TikTok series The Short Gang and Minecraft Suggestions.

He is also a judge on Ireland's Future Is MINE - The Final.

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Before the big show, let's get some top tips from a Minecraft Master...

Hi I'm ClassicReilly, but my friends just call me Reilly. I’m a full time Minecrafter fighting hordes of creepers in the day and hunting withers in the night. I also occasionally make Tiktok videos recording my experiences in Minecraft and have played the game for over ten years!

Here’s my ULTIMATE 3 tips to becoming the ultimate Minecraft Master.

Tip #1 Always have a shield on you

Truth be told I wasn’t always the ultimate Minecraft Master. Every time on day 1 of starting a new world there was a 90% chance I would be blown up by a creeper. I could be chopping down a tree and a creeper would come out of nowhere and BOOM! I could be mining for ores in a deep cave, I’d hear a noise, turn around and BOOM! That was until I discovered shields.

Added in 1.9 of Minecraft, shields have saved my butt so many times. If you put it in your off hand of your inventory and a pesky creeper comes up to you. You can deflect the explosion and reduce the damage you take. This also applies to all aggressive mobs like Zombies, skeletons etc. So make sure to always have a shield on you when you’re out exploring or mining.

Tip #2 Learn coordinates

The amount of times I’ve gotten lost in my Minecraft world is insane! I’d have gone out exploring for the day to far off exotic biomes like the Jungle or Mushroom fields and then when returning home I got lost.
Fortunately there are coordinates in the game. If you press F3 on your keyboard, your X, Y and Z coordinates should appear. The X and Z keys represent where you are horizontally and vertically in the world while the Y coordinate shows the height you are at.

So, make sure to learn how to use coordinates and you'll never get lost again. Pro tip, get a piece of paper or notebook to write down all your coordinates of the amazing buildings you’ve made in your world.

Here's Cillian IRL aka ClassicReilly

Tip #3 Practice Practice Practice

I’ve played Minecraft for over ten years, and it’s only now that I'm starting to get really good at playing the game (contrary to my Minecraft friends beliefs).

As the old saying goes "practice, practice, practice". It’s really the only way to get good at the game. If you want to be a master builder, create as many cool and amazing builds with your imagination. Maybe you want to be the ultimate fighter of your world. I recommend grinding all out in the game, fighting easier mobs and working your way up. Eventually facing the ender dragon and slaying it.

So, practice what you are most passionate about the game and remember most importantly to have fun.