Throughout the series of Keep It Up, Coach Emer and the girls tried lots of different sports and activities. In the end ten strangers came together as a team and they played a game of basketball against a real team!

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There are so many different sports and activities out there for you to try. It's not all about team sports! In fact it's not even always about sports.

Emer even said it at the very starts, if you walk or cycle somewhere then that's something. The main thing is to always be open to trying new things and you could find a hidden talent or just something that is great fun!

During the series the girls reflected on what they had learned about being part of the team and about themselves.

So, with all this in mind we asked Nora Stapleton from Sport Ireland to give us an A to Z of sports and activities for you to think about over the holidays!

Have you been inspired by the activities in the show? Check out our A to Z of sport. There are so many options that there is a sport or activity for everyone to love.

A – Z Sports Guide

A Archery, Angling, Athletics, AFL (Aussie Football), American Football, Air Sports

B Basketball, Bowls, Badminton, Boxing, BMX, Billiards, Baton Twirling, Bowling

C Cricket, Croquet, Canoeing, Cycling, Climbing, Camogie, Clay Target Shooting, Caving,

D Darts, Dance, Diving

E Equestrian,

F Fencing, Football, Futsal, Freerunning

G Golf, Gymnastics, Gaelic Football

H Hockey, Handball, Hiking, Hill Walking, Hurling, Horse Racing, Horseshow Pitching,

I Ice Hockey, Inline hockey, Ice Skating,

J Judo

K Kayaking, Kite Surfing, Karate

L Lacrosse, Lawn Bowls

M Mountaineering, Motor Sport, Martial Arts, Mountain Biking, Motorcycling, Modern Pentathlon

N Netball

O Orienteering, Olympic Handball, Open Water Swimming

P Water Polo, Pool, Pitch and Putt, Parkour, Para-sport, Powerchair Football

Q Quidditch, Que Sports, Quadrathlon

R Roller Derby, Rowing, Rock Climbing, Roller skating, Road Bowling, Rounders, Rugby, Racquetball, Rugby League

S Squash, Sailing, Surfing, Swimming, Snooker, Stand Up Paddling, Skiing, Soccer, Skateboarding

T Tug-of-war, Triathlon, Trail Running, Tennis, Trampoline, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Tenpin Bowling, Tag Rugby

U Ultimate Frisbee, Underwater Hockey,

V Volleyball

W Wakeboarding, Windsurfing, Wrestling, Wakeboarding, Weightlifting, Wheelchair basketball/rugby/tennis

X XC (Cross Country) Running, XC MTB (Cross Country Mountain Biking)

Y Yachting

Z Zip-lining, Zorb-football

And you can meet the girls from the show here!

You can see more highlights from the show on the RTÉ Kids YouTube channel!