We are already half-way through the series of Keep It Up - the show that looks at why girls quit or never really tried it. But, we are only getting stronger together!!

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We are getting to know the squad of nine girls and Coach Emer, as we look at life on and off the court. There are so many sports and activities to try out there - it's time to try some rugby.

The Keep It Up crew are joined by special guest Sene Naoupu who plays rugby for Ireland and Leinster. She explains how she was shy growing up and how sport really helped here. Plus, we find out that one of the girls is a natural with an oval ball!

And, there is a debate brewing...

Sports psychologist, Máire Treasa Ní Cheallaigh talks to the girls about their experiences so far! She states that kids today have life too easy, leading to a heated debate between the group!

Do you think life is actually easier for kids today? A lot of these girls seem to disagree.

Let's see how this debate pans out! Watch it now on the RTÉ Player HERE!

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