Keep It Up is a new show asking why girls quit sport, or why some have never really tried it.

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Coach Emer O'Neill has brought together a team of nine individuals who will become one crew! Here we meet Ava, who says she enjoys sport on her own terms.

Ava says she is "all about smashing the patriarchy". She is a bit of a rebel and quite the feminist. She’d like to be an actress when she is older. Ava has Cystic Fibrosis and talks about this with the others in the series.

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Ava says: "The experience I enjoyed the most while participating in the show, was being able to try out new sports in an environment that was supportive and fun. I didn't feel any judgement from the other girls or Coach Emer - just good vibes!"

"I’d love people to watch this programme because it shows that girls are just as capable of achieving fitness and sports goals as boys are. We can go as far and further with the right motivation, opportunities and support."

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