It's a big night for people who make telly in Ireland as the RTS Ireland Television awards take place later.

In the Best Animation Category all three nominees are from RTÉjr! Adam Saves Christmas, Bóín agus Beach and Dagda's Harp are up for the award.

Then we have three more up for Best Children's Programme - Nova Jones, Critters TV and Royals Next Door!!!

What happens when the palace gets flooded and the Royals Next Door move in?! The show was produced by Ink and Light, Pikkukala Oy, Pikkukala ES & Walking the Dog.

And there are all-new episodes of Royals Next Door starting today on RTÉ2!

Check out Stella's best moments below and watch the show on the RTÉ Player here!!

The crew at Turnip + Duck are up for another big prize with your favourite show about animals watching other animals on telly - it's Critters TV!

Click here to watch it now on RTÉ Player!

The galaxy's biggest superstar is shining bright too. Nova Jones, produced by Jam Media, is the next RTÉ Kids favourite that is in to win!

Click here to watch the full box set now!

And all three nominations in the Animation Category are from RTÉ and the amazing companies we work with!

Adam Saves Christmas was a big hit over the festive season and you can check out the trailer here...

It was produced by our friends at Kavaleer Productions and you can still watch it on the RTÉ Player here!

And then we have bestie beasties Bóín agus Beach, who are absolutely buzzing to be nominated!! Check out the trailer below and click here to watch it on the Player. Well done to Paper Owl Films!

Dagda's Harp is a Halloween special made by Cardel Entertainment. It was part of A Breath of Fresh can see it here along with more spooky stories...

Well done to all the nominees in all the categories!