If you're looking for tall tales of Talking Goats, Giants, Changelings, Fairy Folk, Flying Chariots, Warriors, and a smart as a whip Salmon then Dún Draíochta is the place to go!

Tales from Dún Draíochta as Gaeilge, is here with some wild adventures from the mythical town.

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Each story is inspired by traditional Irish folklore tales like Tír na nÓg, Children of Lir, The Salmon of Knowledge but they all have a modern and sometime cheeky twist.

Have a look at the trailer above and you can see how it is a mix of handcrafted puppets with animated special effects so we can all dive into this magical world.

In each episode a character from the town encounters a mythical being, taking them on a wild and hilarious adventure - ending up with a problem solved and a lesson learned. And sure isn’t that what old Irish tales are all about in the first place?

Here's the people behind the magic...

Creator/Director/Producer- Trevor Courtney
Writers - Ciaran Morrison & Mick O'Hara, Marina Carr, Trevor Courtney and Danny Stack
Vocal Talent - Ciara O'Callaghan, Sam McGovern, Liam Carney, Kathy Rose O'Brien
Puppets - Ciara McClean