Storybud is a brand new show bringing you some classic fairytales with a twist.

Written by Jason Byrne, Karl Harpur, Alison Spittle, Bernard O'Shea and Sinéad Quinlan and narrated by some very familiar faces with loads of fun twists and turns!

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Here is a sneak peek of some of the tall tales as read by our special guests.

Up top we get a small slice of Doireann Garrihy's The Good, The Bad and the Wolfie. She pops up a few times in the series with stories written by Karl Harpur - and they are all brilliant!

But what was her fave when she was growing up? Doireann says: "My favourite fairytale was Snow White. I just loved the different personalities of all the characters and would do my best impression of each of them. I would charge my family for the tickets to my performances in the sitting room!"

Bernard O'Shea wrote and stars in the show too.. Check out the small clip of one of his stories called The Owl & The Pussy Cat here!

He says: "Growing up, my favorite fairy tale was The Three Little Pigs because I liked how the three brothers helped each other out. I felt sorry for the wolf, though, as I always thought it would have been better if he could have become friends with them instead of trying to blow their houses down."

Comedian Deirdre O'Kane is here to narrate a story written by fellow funny woman Alison Spittle. This one's called Rock The Goat. Things take a twist for a band of goats when they meet an internet Troll on a bridge.

Then we have TV presenter Baz Ashwamy with Fee Fi Fo Fum, written by Karl Harpur.

It’s Jack and the beanstalk as you’ve never seen it before. A missing cow, strange video games, a giant and Baz at the helm...what’s not to love? Press play above to check it out!

Cork's own, Sinead Quinlan, gives us a little taste of the Little Red Hen here. It's one of the stories she wrote and she also stars in 'The Princess and the Bean. It's an epic full of beans, mattresses and a broken down bike...make sure to tune in!

And Sinead says: "My favourite fairytale was Snow White. I only have one sibling so the idea of a big family fascinated me and I loved the characters. Sleepy and Dopey were my favourite and funnily enough I grew up to be just like them - haha!"

And last, but certainly not least is Jason Byrne, who, to borrow from another story, is like the Papa Bear of the whole show. He wrote loads and also brings lots of madcap fun to the whole thing.

Here's a clip from Cinderella's Other Fella, but he also was inspired by one of his own favourites growing up too...

Jason says: "My favourite fairytale was the Elves and the Shoemaker. I used to leave bits of broken toys out at night in the hope of getting new ones the next day, unfortunately the toys remained the same, no elves came, but I used to play tricks on my little sisters. I'd tell them to leave out their broken toys and I'd replace them while they slept with sweets."