RTÉ and our friends across Europe in the EBU are proud to present Mila on the RTÉ Player.

The short animated film takes place during the Second World War, when the city of Trento was heavily bombed, but it is not linked to any specific conflict.

And with so much happening in the world right now can help kids understand so much of what they are hearing about.

Click here to watch it now on the RTÉ Player!

This wonderful short film is from Italian director Cinzia Angelini, based in Los Angeles, who took many years to produce it, with the help of a community of artists around the world, the support of Rai Ragazzi, and the patronage of Unicef.

The film was completed in 2021, has been presented to several Festivals around the world, has received many awards. It was included in the shortlist for the Academy Awards 2022.

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