Where do Rainbows come from? Why do some birds migrate? Why do farts smell bad? I don't know but luckily help is on the way!

The Nature of Things is an exciting, and fun-filled RTÉjr Radio series that encourages children to indulge their natural curiosity about science (the natural world, environment, and more) and ask questions about the nature of things…Tune in every Thursday at 7pm.

Listen to the latest episode above where we ask how do birds sleep and find their way while flying long distances, and which bird has the longest migration? Featuring children from St Nicholas Parochial School in Galway and Biologist Marie Förg.

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In each episode, schoolchildren ask a science question and a grown-up scientist helps them find the answer.
The Nature of Things is a 15-part series. It is presented and produced by Colette Kinsella and it's a Red Hare Media production for RTÉjr Radio.

Over the course of 15 episodes we find out why the sky is blue, learn about compost and decomposition, and find out if fish really drink. We also wonder why leaves turn brown and fall off some trees every year, why some birds migrate, and so much more.

The series is funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the television license fee.