For the Spooky FM crew this is the best time of year. Uncle Vlad and Zombetty probably would like Halloween to be the national holiday and for it to last all year!

They share their spooky stories every Friday at 7pm on RTÉjr Radio and here they want you to play your part - literally! Or just press play above to listen to the latest show - October Thirty Worst!!

Here is a short script for you to try at home and have fun with this Halloween. So, decide who wants to be who and learn your lines!!

Uncle Vlad: Good evening from the Graveyard! This is Uncle Vlad, one of the hosts of the creepiest radio station in Ireland - Spooky FM! And I am definitely not a vampire. Please ignore my fangs, you juicy-necked junior.

Zombetty: And this is your very own Zombetty, the other half of the deadliest duo in radioland. Just like Vlad here, I too am totally normal and definitely not a 100 year-old zombie.

Wait, what’s that noise? It sounds like a shoe crunching on….oh! Vlad, Vladdy! You’re standing on my ear, it dropped off again.

Uncle Vlad: Zombetty, don’t give the game away that we are monsters who eat kids!

Zombetty: Um, I’m not the one saying it out loud for everyone to hear. Or read. Or whatever. Change the subject, quick!

Uncle Vlad: Oh sure, sure! With Halloween approaching, readers, and spooky thoughts filling everyone’s heads, we thought we’d let you in on the absolute worst monsters you should look out for this October.

Zombetty: It’s not witches or ghouls or werewolves or swamp bats, no no no, none of them. The most vile, puke inspiring, poop smelling, faint inducing and yucktastic beasts you’ll spy this spooky season are…yourselves! Children!

Uncle Vlad: So disgusting.

Zombetty: Rotten.

Uncle Vlad: For example - your faces.

Zombetty: And we have met the worst of the worst kids in Ireland through our radio show Scare Us If You Can, where tiny troublemakers ring in and try to frighten us with the most terrifying thing that ever happened to them.

Uncle Vlad: I mean in one of our episodes there’s a perfectly charming bandage-covered rotting mummy who merely wants to take over the world and feed folk to crocodiles, nothing major. And then some tiny twerp from Tipperary has to stick his pointy nose in and try to save the day.

Zombetty: You think that’s bad, in our upcoming Halloween episode, a wonderfully friendly group of cannibals throw a spooky party and invite all the children of the town to be the buffet. But then a weeny weirdo from Wicklow actually has the nerve to hide in the mansion and refuse to be eaten! I ask you!

Uncle Vlad: How can you children look at yourselves in the mirror! Oh wait, I can’t either.

Zombetty: So this Halloween, readers, please remember - you are the real scary, shiver-making, bile-raising, mump-inducing monsters, not us. But you’re tasty all the same, I’ll give you that.

Uncle Vlad: So why don’t you do the world a favour and dress up as something far more beautiful so we don’t have to look at your yucky mushes - like a beautiful banshee, or a glorious graverobber or something with lots of tentacles.

Zombetty: And have lots of fun! It plumps up the brain, makes it less chewy.

Uncle Vlad: But most importantly, listen to Spooky FM wherever you get your podcasts. Or tune in (if you dare) Fridays at 7pm on RTÉjr Radio.

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