Storytellers, the new show from Irish comic book artist Will Sliney, is part drawing show and part animated adventure, teaching budding young artists using the most powerful weapon in the world - a pencil.

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There are loads of great characters, so check out the gallery above to find out a bit about the characters and the person behind the voice!

And learn how to draw Aisling Bea's character Ogham here...

The series tells the epic tale of a fearless young Viking mapmaker Freya (Laura Whitmore) and the wise cracking floating sentient stone Ogham (Aisling Bea) as they recruit a team of young artists to embark on a time travelling quest to stop the world's most famous art works from falling into the hands of the Chronicle (Dermot Whelan) and his evil henchmen.

And we also have presenter and writer Dawn O'Porter, WWE Superstar wrestler Stephen Farrelly and The Young Offenders star Demi Isaac Oviawe, who all voice their own characters throughout the series.

There are loads more fun activities and drawing classes with Will here!