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About RTÉ Account

What are the benefits of having an RTÉ account?

As an RTÉ account holder, you have access to extra features and functions across our full suite of digital services. This means you get to enjoy a more personalised experience every time you sign in, whether you’re streaming content or using any other service.

You won’t be frustrated by multiple logins either – you’ll only need one set of account details for all of our services.

Registering is also easy – you can either use your email address or you can quickly sign up using your Facebook or Google account.

What information will RTÉ collect about me?

When you register for an account, we’ll ask you for certain information. This information is necessary so that we can provide you with services that are relevant to you. Some information is optional, some is mandatory.

We believe in being completely transparent, so below you’ll find the questions we’ll ask you, the reasons why, and other useful information:

1. Firstly, we’ll ask you for your name, your email address and a password. You’ll also be required to confirm that you are 18 or older, that you’ve read our Terms and Conditions and that you agree to our Privacy Policy. These details are necessary to set up your account.

The reason we ask for your email address is so that we can confirm your password and verify your account.

2. We’ll also ask you your birth year and gender. This helps us get to know you a little better so that we can offer you more of what you want. We do aggregate this data, but only for insight purposes, which means we use it to help us understand our audience.

3. RTÉ offers many different email newsletters, which aim to keep you up to date with our latest content. However, you’ll only get the newsletters that you want – you can choose to get them all, you can choose to get none or you can choose somewhere in between, depending on your interests. We’ll only send you what you’ve opted in for.

4. You can choose to register for commercial messages, but this is not mandatory. If you opt in, we may send you commercial messages on behalf of commercial partners. The messages you receive will be based on your activity on RTÉ digital services and other information that you provide. To give an example, an avid sports viewer may receive content messages about sports clothing brands.

5. One really useful feature of your RTÉ account is the PIN/Parental Control function on your RTÉ Player. Designed with parents and guardians in mind, it allows you to have complete control over what’s watched. When activated, it means content rated for a mature audience can only be watched if your PIN is entered to unlock it.

Will my information be secure?

Keeping your data confidential is of paramount importance to us. All personal information that you provide will be stored securely and we won’t share your information with third parties unless you have given us permission to do so. Rest assured that user accounts are commonly used by media organisations and that RTÉ takes its responsibilities around your data very seriously.

What will my information be used for?

The data collected during registration will primarily be used to make sure you can access certain features and content on the RTÉ website and RTÉ Apps. We will also collect data about how you interact with our website, for example what pages you have visited and when. We do this so that we can recommend similar content whenever it’s available – this leads to an improved and more relevant experience.

Data collected may also be used for in-house research on user demographics. Again this allows us to enhance the service we offer. Rest assured that this data is used anonymously and is never linked to individual users.

It’s also good to know that as per current regulations, you’ll have to opt in to receive any types of communications, so you’re always in control.

What if I have registered through one of my social networks?

If you’ve registered through either Facebook or Google, the respective social network provider will provide certain information to us. This may include your name, email address, date of birth and gender (information that you would be providing whatever way you register). However, they may also provide us with additional information, but this depends on your own privacy settings and what information you have chosen to make public.

Can I use the RTÉ website without signing in?

Yes, you can still use our website without signing in. However, those tailored services and functions reserved for account holders will only work when you are signed in.

How will you prevent spamming?

To protect you from spamming and automated scripts, email validation is required during the registration process. As an RTÉ user, you’ll have access to your own profile page where you can view, edit and update your details at any time.

How do I unsubscribe?

We hope you’ll stay with us! However, if you ever wish to unsubscribe, you can delete your account at any time. This will remove all of your personal information and your account data.

What if I have trouble registering or signing-in?

Don’t worry, we’re always on hand to help. If you have any problems with registration or with signing in, just email

For more information, please see our Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions.