In 1922 and 1923, Ireland was once more a battlefield, as the Civil War saw conflict break out all over the country. In this interactive series, photographer David Cleary returns to locations captured on film a century ago and takes new photographs showing how those settings have changed - or not.

This image from the National Library of Ireland's collection was taken on July 22nd 1922, just after the National Army took the city from anti-Treaty forces. This was towards the end of what's called the "conventional phase" of the Civil War, before the conflict moved to the "guerrilla phase". The photo shows National Army troops outside the Granville Hotel, which is still standing today - although Hearne and Co is no more. Apart from that shopfront, the building on the right remains largely unchanged - and the frieze above the top floor windows has now been extended to the building next door.

Original image courtesy of the National Library of Ireland.