In 1922, Ireland was once more a battlefield, as the Civil War saw conflict break out all over the country. In this interactive series, photographer David Cleary returns to locations captured on film back in 1922 and takes new photographs showing how those settings have changed - or not.

This photo from the RTÉ Photographic Archive was taken during the Battle of Dublin in June/July 1922 and shows a priest called Father O'Reilly holding a Red Cross flag, passes O'Hagan's whiskey importers/pub on 108 Great Britain Street (now Parnell Street), Dublin, as he leads tenement evacuees to safety in 1922. The junction with North Cumberland Street can be seen in the background. They are heading towards the back entrance of the Central Model Infants' School which was located on Deverell Place (the school's main entrance was on Marlborough Street). Fr O'Reilly is walking towards the corner of Lower Gardiner Street, where he will turn right and proceed down that street to Deverell Place.

These evacuees were probably from Upper Gloucester Street (subsequently renamed Sean MacDermott Street) and Upper Tyrone Street (later Waterford Street). This evacuation took place because of the artillery barrage and sniper fire occurring in nearby O'Connell Street; additionally there were fears that irregular forces would break out into the surrounding streets.

Original photograph © RTÉ Photographic Archive