In 1922, Ireland was once more a battlefield, as the Civil War saw conflict break out all over the country. In this interactive series, photographer David Cleary returns to locations captured on film back in 1922 and takes new photographs showing how those settings have changed - or not.

This week's 1922 photograph was taken during the Battle of Dublin in the summer of that year. It shows National Army soldiers at the top of Henry Street firing an 18 pounder gun at The Block, the section of O'Connell Street occupied by anti-Treaty forces.The words "We have no time for Trucers" and "For Goodness Sake Aim Straight" have been chalked on the front of the National Army's armoured car.

The shopfronts on the ground floor may have changed in 2022, and more trees now grow on O'Connell Street, but that stretch of buildings is easily recognisable today.

Original photo courtesy of the OPW/Kilmainham Gaol Archive 20PO-1A35-13