Matt Loughrey's My Colorful Past project bridges "the gap between history and art", using digital techniques to add colour to monochrome images. This week he's applied his skills to this photograph from the RTE Photographic Archive of roofless cottages in Clonard Street, Balbriggan, County Dublin, in the wake of the sack of that village after an attack by the Black and Tans on 20 September 1920. 

You can see a man leading a horse and cart loaded with furniture on the right of shot. 

So how did Loughrey approach this image? "Every image tells a story and this one needs little explanation, much like many War of Independence photographs it shows the emptiness that is left owing to conflict," he says. "You really can 'feel' this scene and it stirs. I'm very used to seeing the photographs of Joseph Cashman (this being one) and they always makes me wonder how he saw the world at the time."