Matt Loughrey's My Colorful Past project bridges "the gap between history and art", using digital techniques to add colour to monochrome images. This week he looks at a 1921 image by Joseph Cashman of a civilian being searched by British soldiers in the Dublin suburb of Drumcondra, from the Cashman collection in the RTÉ Photographic Archive.

The image gave Loughrey a lot of food for thought. "You cannot help but consider what you see when it remains in front of you for an extended period of time, something that often is the case with this craft," he says. "What resounded for me here were the opposites that the image presented in the human aspect, as well as the absence of empathy on view. 

If we disregard the military aspect for a moment, we see three men, two of which quite young compared to the older gentleman they are stopping and searching. He would of course feel intimidated, and all of while the young soldier in the rear of shot is only too happy to smile. A difficult image, albeit most storyful..."