One of the best ways to learn any language is to read more in that language. Here are some good selections if you're looking to become more fluent in Irish.

1. An Ghaeilge agus an Éiceolaíocht by Michael Cronin

This book looks at the greatest challenge facing Ireland in the 21st Century-climate change. This book is bilingual – both in Irish and English.

Cíorann "An Ghaeilge agus an Éiceolaíocht" an dúshlán is mó atá roimh Éire sa 21ú céad- an t-athrú aeráide. Tá dochar doleasaithe ag bagairt ar an aeráid agus gan an Ghaeilge, ní hacmhainn dúinn dul i ngleic leis an mbaol bunúsach sin. Mura mbeidh teacht againn feasta ar ár imshaol, saíocht a taisceadh le dhá mhíle bliain, ní choinneofar an dé in áitritheoirí an oileáin. Dár ndlúth agus inneach an Ghaeilge riamh anall. Ní foláir dúshraith a dhéanamh di amach anseo.

2. Bone and marrow / Cnámh agus Smior – An Anthology of Irish poetry from medieval to modern

Bone and Marrow/Cnámh agus Smior: An Anthology of Irish Poetry from Medieval to Modern is the most inclusive and comprehensive anthology of Irish-language poetry to date. Impressive in its breadth and scholarly in its depth, this collection casts a wide net, and in tracing Irish history since the sixth century to the present day, it makes evident that so much of the bone and marrow of Irish history and culture is poetry. Across the turbulent and often traumatic centuries, poets witnessed and gave witness to a multiplicity of Irish experiences; the rich and multifaceted tradition they created is both a reckoning with Irish, European, and global realities, and an imaginative response to them.

3. Gaeilge gan Stró- Éamonn Ó Dónaill

Gaeilge gan Stró! Beginners Level is a multimedia language course for adult learners of Irish. It is suitable for those who know no Irish or who only know a few basic sentences.The emphasis is on developing speaking and listening skills but students are also given opportunities to read and write the language. Grammar is taught in context, as is required.