Anocht ar RTÉ One, tosóidh Peataí ar a 7.30pm. Clár álainn é seo a leanann Tessa Fleming a chuireann aithne ar Pheataí na tíre agus a gcuid úinéirí.

Each week a team of experts welcome pets and their owners to their pop-up clinic at the Ark Farm in Newtownards to answer a range of questions and offer their purr-fessional advice on everything pet-related from bad behaviour and bad breath to diet and grooming.

Na Chiltons lena gcuid Alpacas

Presenter Tessa Fleming meets the owners and their pets that range from the cuddly to the exotic, from pups to a parrotlet and gets tips and encouragement from resident vet Ellen Hegarty, groomer Paul Ó Gallachóir and animal behaviourist Paula Doohan.

Is a dog owner barking up the wrong tree trying to find the answer for their anxious pet? What is zoopharmacognosy and could it help a show jumping horse? And how do you give an alpaca a manicure?

Peataí, Fridays on RTÉ One, at 7.30pm from Feb 11th.