Anocht ag 7.30pm ar RTÉ ONE, craolfar an chéad chlár sa tsraith nua, Saol an Tréidlia a leanann na daoine a thugann aire d'ainmhithe na tíre seo.

Saol an Tréidlia follows Veterinary surgeons Emma, Niamh and Liam as they deal with unpredictable and emotional cases. This week Rosie the dog has an upset tummy, Prince the stallion is booked in for a castration & our Galway vet Niamh gets married!

Saol an Tréidlia captures the highs and lows of the busy and never straightforward lives of three West Coast Vets. This four-part observational documentary takes us into the heart of the Limerick and Galway communities the vets look after. We join them at work and at home as they treat patients great and small.

Our three vets Emma, Niamh and Liam deal with a range of unpredictable and emotional cases, taking challenging decisions which impact animals and owners alike. Everything from fox cubs to racehorses, pet rats to Saint Bernards our vets face every challenge with compassion, care and a heap of good humour.

Anocht ag 7.30pm ar RTÉ ONE