Frequently, those who speak Irish outside of the education system are questioned on their motives and aims in doing so. Last night, Irish speakers began tweeting comments and questions they've heard, using the hashtag, #nílsécgl- níl sé ceart go leor- replacing Irish with another language.

Ciara Ní É opened the conversation saying:

"Dia dhaoibh! Can we do a thing where we repeat things that are often said about Irish speakers, but replace Irish with another language?"

This is just some of what followed:





James Kavanagh agus Doireann Ní Bhriain ón gclár Random Acts as Gaeilge. 




I am happy to announce that the Govt of France has appointed a Minister for the French Language. And no, I don’t see any reason why she / he needs to be able to speak French. #nílsécgl

— Fionnbarra (@finbarmcd) January 14, 2018





You can follow more of the conversation on twitter via the hashtag #nílsécgl