Do you know your díle from your fearthainn? Weather, being our favourite topic of conversations means there's a realm of linguistic possibilities as Gaeilge. Here's a few of our favourites for our least favourite, rain!

Drizzly rain, you know the type, the frizzy-haired type, is brádán báistí.

A more intense experience, the type that causes twitter to go into #whatthefliuch mode is díle, which can also be used to described as a flood. 

Díle, mar a bhí ag an gcomórtas treabhadóireachta i mbliana

The type that knocks on the windows when you're snug and smug inside is "ag greadadh báistí", the verb 'gread' means to knock.

What about when you're in town, it starts to lash and you're drenched right down to your socks, and your paper bag is falling apart, well that is the adjective, aimlithe- to be sodden, spoiled by rain.

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