Meet the companies attending this year's Dublin Tech Summit...

Name of company: Karmagenes

Names of founders: Kyriakos Kokkoris, Samer Yammine, Omaya Dudin, Pranav Ullal, Michael Röhrig, Michalina Lewicka

Tell us about your company...

In modern times, we spend so much time meeting and getting to know other people but often we don’t really know ourselves, what we want and what are our desires. At Karmagenes, we change that by combining genetics (Nature), psychology (Nurture) and modern technologies. How do we do that? We integrate genetics and psychology for personal development through gamification. An individual can build his/her real personality profile in our web app, through interactive processes based purely on psychological findings and scientific evidence. It is still in the beta testing stage but we think big and we strongly believe that the intersection between genetics, psychology and personalisation can be the future of social networking. 

Pitch what you do in one line...

At Karmagenes, we integrate genetics and psychology for personal development. 

What makes your company/service unique?

Bringing genetics coupled with psychology to our daily lives through modern technologies and still keeping the scientific accuracy.

Why are you coming to Dublin Tech Summit?

The selection through personal contact, the limited amount of participants coupled with international people and projects should result in a great opportunity to network that we just can’t miss.  

What advice would you give to an early-stage start up?

Bootstrap, be decisive, be flexible, be transparent, think big and do not give up.

What advice would you give to yourselves starting out?

 Be prepared for a long, exciting but very difficult journey. 

What are your plans for the next 12 months?

Increase sales, break even by the end of 2017 and receive additional investment to expand in US market.

What is the most exciting thing in tech right now?

The intersection between biology and technology. The human genome exploration, the generation of meaningful data and its analysis can help to improve people's well being. 

Why does Dublin Tech Summit matter?

A well prepared event that provides international opportunities between specific players with high experience and potential. 

Tell us something that we need to know...

Theory and books are nice, but you should build your own story.