As the UK formally triggered Article 50 on Wednesday to begin Brexit, The Guardian's rather creative jigsaw-themed front page left Irish people in, well a bit of a puzzle.

Brexit naturally dominated the newspaper front pages across the Irish Sea with the strongly anti-Brexit Guardian taking a novel approach in their coverage.

Have a look here and you'll see why.

Forget talk about hard borders, the rotters have only gone and swiped Donegal, along with bits of Cavan, Monaghan and Dundalk out of the European Union with their faulty geography.

Naturally, readers were a tad concerned over this unexpected annexation.

Mind you, that wasn't the Guardian's only gaffe.

Of course, it HAD to get political.

However, it seems that The Guardian's editor, Katharine Viner, has done a bit of a mea culpa on the whole thing and blamed the offending graphic on "bloody jigsaws". Indeed.