Dawn O'Porter has opened up about her relationship with husband Chris O'Dowd, saying he saved her from "rock bottom".

Speaking about her ascent to fame, the 34 year-old explains that her twenties were filled with success but her thirties stopped her in her tracks.

"I had a really successful 20s when I made show after show and had a great time. Then it just all disappeared about four years ago. I moved out to LA and my documentary series didn’t get recommissioned and I lost a magazine column I was writing. There were about two and a half years when I just didn’t work. You get very self-consumed in that time, you presume it’s all over and you get very frightened.’

Around the same time, O'Porter met O'Dowd in Los Angeles and began a relationship, tying the knot last August in Ireland.

"We got together just as Chris’s career was taking off, so we experienced it together. Because it was all happening for him, I still got to live this amazing life," she added.

"I like being fun and Chris is probably a lot more like me than he would care to admit".

Speaking about children, O'Porter said: "I read an interview with Chris where he said he wanted three children, which was news to me. I think I’ll be strict enough, but a really good friend to my kids. But then what parent doesn’t say that? I might get some real rotters. But Chris’ll be a brilliant dad. Definitely".

O'Porter's new show, Undercover Mums, kicks off on TLC later this month.