There is further trouble between Vince and Caitríona, Tadhg throws Peatsaí out, while Pádraig is shocked by what Mack tells him.

Pádraig fears Dan may have changed his mind about rekindling their relationship, and is desperate to put things right with him. They both realise that there was another force in play wanting to split them up. 

Vince feels awful for the hurt he has caused Caitríona. But his hurt turns to anger when he hears Caitríona talking about relationships on the radio. What has Caitríona said?

Áine discovers Sally has stayed with Peatsaí, while Tadhg was away. Will she keep schtum or hang Peatsaí out to dry?

Colm hears they have arrested somebody for Frances murder, and panics thinking it may be Mo. He is relieved when he learns that this is not the case.

Niall is far from happy to see a newspaper article referring to Bobbi Lee as Andy's wife. Bobbi Lee stops Niall from calling the journalist insisting that she will deal with it herself. Will Bobbi Lee put things right or has the newspaper really got it wrong?

Mo, worried Peatsaí may hear her calling out Frances name in her sleep, thinks it best that Peatsaí leave. But where will he go?

Caitríona, struggling to deal with Vince’s betrayal, is livid when she realises Vince didn’t tell Maeve what really happened. Is there any chance these two can forgive and forget?

Bobbi Lee, not wanting to tell Niall the truth about Andy, happily tells Berni what she intends on doing. Berni however ,thinks it will only cause further strife. What is Bobbi Lee up to?

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