Colm tries to hinder the Garda enquiry while Pádraig worries he's going to lose Dan. Meanwhile, Peatsaí and Sally have exciting news to share.

Caitríona decides to keep a dignified silence about her trouble with Vince, but she’s forced to air their dirty laundry in public when she finds out people are already talking about them. Superintendent O’Shea turns up asking her more questions about the Community Centre’s missing (but now returned) money.

Dan has gone to Glasgow to break it off with his boyfriend but he doesn’treturn Pádraig’s calls or answers any texts.

Colm is quick to tip Caitríona off about O’Shea because he too has his own reasons for wanting this investigation to go away.

Peatsaí has returned, which puts a smile on Tadhg’s face. However, that smile turns to a growl when he realises Sally is also in tow, complete with an engagement ring!

Pádraig is learning that true love never runs smoothly as he still waits to hear from Dan who was due from Glasgow hours ago. But what’s the harm in having a drink and a few laughs with Adam.

Michelle feels under pressure having Vince, her landlord, in the spare room. When she finds out the reason he has left home, she is determined that he must find somewhere else to live. But Vince has already endeared himself to her housemates.

O’Shea’s more than pleased with herself when she finds overlooked evidence in Frances’ murder enquiry that points the finger at Andy.

Tadhg is determined to keep Sally out of his house, even if she is engaged to Peatsaí. But as soon as Tadhg leaves, Peatsaí grabs the opportunity to sneak her in.

Ros na Rún, TG4, Tuesday, Thursday, 8.30pm; omnibus edition Sunday, 7.30pm