Berni has misgivings about Brian's momentous decision to undergo a vasectomy.

Mo makes a decision not to leave Ros na Rún while Caitríona finds out a dark secret from Laoise's past.

Meanwhile, Berni is feeling unsettled about Briain’s decision. Tadhg has to face reality today when he finds out that Áine is being bullied at school. His worry intensifies when she’s late coming home from school. Mo is at hand to offer help and some needed emotional support.

When Tadhg expresses his gratitude towards her, she comes to the realisation that leaving Ros na Rún is not the best option. Will Mo regret this decision?

When Caitríona finds out that Laoise could be rIs she playing with fire?

Briain is still adamant that getting a vasectomy is the best option for himself and Berni. Berni on the other hand is having doubts about this decision.

Berni is still not sure that Briain having the vasectomy is the best decision. When he arrives home after the operation, Berni is feeling more trapped than ever. Is this the start of the end of their relationship?

Laoise is totally taken aback when Caitríona reveals her findings about her past. If Caitríona continues her investigation, where will this leave Laoise?

Mack finds a friend in Sonia when he receives a nasty text from Dee. Could this be the start of something more than just friends?

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