A downhearted O'Shea, ready to give up investigating Frances' murder, is given renewed hope when Noreen returns from the shop, giving out about Caitríona.

However, Vince is not happy about Caitríona investigating Emma’s past.

Noreen sees a little too much for O’Shea’s liking. But what has Noreen told O’Shea?

Michelle realises that getting shot of Emma and her clinic may be harder than she thought. She asks Caitríona to use her journalistic skills in the hope it will dig up some dirt on Emma’s past ventures. Will Caitríona help Michelle?

Máire is annoyed to see the bench being moved, and rubbish being strewn around the place. David and Bobbi Lee finds themselves patrolling the street in the hope they will find the culprit. But will they?

David is shocked and saddened to discover that Rónán has been sleeping rough, and pleads with Máire to let him stay in the B&B. A wary Máire is unwilling to allow this. Will David manage to convince her otherwise?

Tadhg worries that the Gardaí have only one suspect, and that’s him. When O’Shea arrives to speak to him he fears the worst. Will O’Shea arrest him?

Caitríona panics when O’Shea asks to see her vlog footage. What has O’Shea discovered?

Sam, keen to get in contact with Dan, sends him an email. Will Sam regret contacting Sonia and Pádraig’s old college friend?

Ros na Rún, TG4, Tuesday, Thursday, 8.30pm; omnibus edition Sunday, 7.30pm