With O'Shea incapacitated, Tony feels he is more than capable of solving Frances' murder - however, his main suspect refuses to answer any of his questions, causing poor Tony much embarrassment. 

But to everyone’s shock Tony makes an arrest. But who has Tony arrested?

Pádraig and Sonia have to decide on whether to send Sam to boarding school. While discussing this issue Sam, hears them mention Dan, and wants to know who he is. Sonia lies to Sam, telling him that Dan is an old college friend. Pádraig thinks Sonia should tell Sam who Dan really is. 

Maeve feeling sorry for Caitríona’s money woes, takes fifty euro from Sorcha’s rent money, and places it in Caitríona’s purse. 

Laoise is disgusted that Emma is opening a cosmetic clinic in Ros na Rún, and worries about the impact it may have on the younger generation. She finds an ally in Michelle, and they both work together to try and stop Emma from opening her new business. But will others share Laoise’s concerns?

Emma, knowing Laoise will try and sabotage her business, uses her charm and wallet to convince the local’s that she has their best interests at heart. 

Tony, believing he has Frances' murderer behind bars, is delighted with himself.

Caitríona is hurt and disappointed that Vince believes she stole from him. Only one person can vindicate Caitríona, but will she?

Ros na Rún, TG4, Tuesday, Thursday, 8.30pm; omnibus edition Sunday, 7.30pm