O'Shea questions Sorcha as to where she was the day Frances was attacked, and if she can remember anything that may help her investigation.

Will Sorcha tell O'Shea how Briain attacked her?

Mo, having argued with Colm, over keeping their pregnancy a secret is relieved he finally understands her mindset. But Mo and Colm's conversation is overheard by another, and the cat is now truly out of the bag. Rory is seething with Malachaí for giving Áine his mother’s ring, and is determined to get it back off her.

Noreen is over the moon when an unexpected visitor calls to her house. She is delighted to hear that Dee and Bláithín are well and hopes they will return home soon. Noreen is disappointed when told that Dee has no intention of returning to Ros na Rún.

Tadhg is convinced Rory caused Frances death, and wants O’Shea to investigate. O’Shea believes Briain has something to hide and questions him at the station. Is O’Shea finally getting somewhere in the murder investigation or barking up the wrong tree?

David is delighted to receive a letter from Gráinne. Her letter however leaves him confused as to what she is trying to tell him. Mo, having received an email from Gráinne has no choice but to tell David why Gráinne contacted him.

Mack makes it his business to talk to Geena, and tries to convince her that of what Dee did to him and Katy. Geena refuses to believe a word he says, and shows Mack a picture of Dee’s bruised face. Mack is shocked that Dee has stooped to a new low. Will this picture have repercussions for Mack?

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