Bobbi Lee is getting very annoyed with having to follow Annette's requests about school traffic. Will she continue to comply?

Briain is upset and hurt when Berni admits she does not want to have a child with him. Berni knows she has hurt him, she loves him, but cannot give him what he wants. 

Caitríona's money has come through from the sale of Loinnir. Vince, wanting to protect Caitríona from the lure of shopping, insists he lodge it into their joint account immediately. Caitríona wanting some control of her life, refuses, she will do it herself. 

Mo, with worries of her own, has little interest in Mack’s woes. Mack feels slighted and hurt by Mo’s indifference. Will Mo open up about what is really bothering her?

Malachaí, sick to the back teeth of Tadhg’s snide remarks, wants others to believe that Tadhg was responsible for Frances’s death. Will others believe Malachaí?

Malachaí, having succeeded in casting doubt on Tadhg’s innocence, is fuming when O’Shea also considers him to be a suspect. Malachaí, knowing full well Tadhg is to blame for this, accosts him. 

Bobbi Lee is far from happy at having to deal with the school traffic. After lifting one cone too many she decides enough is enough. 

Emma feels threatened by Michelle and Rory, and questions if she and Rory should be together?

Briain, although disappointed that he and Berni will never have a family together, decides to concentrate on his business. Much to David’s astonishment, he lists the many advantages that he and Berni will have, childfree. Is Briain trying to convince himself or David?

Ros na Rún, TG4, Tuesday, Thursday, 8.30pm; omnibus edition Sunday, 7.30pm