Will Mack do another radio interview? Berni wants Bobbi Lee and Niall out of her apartment. David worries about leaving Máire.

Mack, knowing how disastrous all the media publicity of late makes him look, decides to do one last interview in the hope it will clear his name. All does not go to plan when Mack, believing Sonia may not have his best interests at heart, pulls out at the last minute. Sonia is left with little choice but to find a replacement. 

Berni, having had enough of Bobbi Lee, Niall and Liam Óg wants them out of her apartment. Bobbi Lee is now aware of Berni's intention and manages to find alternative accommodation before Berni evicts them.

Berni gets further good news when Evan calls her to tell her of his engagement. Berni’s joy however is short-lived, when Briain, desperate to have a baby with her, imagines a scenario where Berni and Evan are both expecting babies. 

Emma is not at all happy to see how heartbroken Rory is over Michelle. When she sees him searching for the key ring Michelle gave him, she pockets it.

Mack is delighted when Ferdia and Noreen show him the e-mail Dee sent. Mack, believing Dee has seen the error of her ways, contacts the journalist Caitríona had spoken to, so as to arrange another interview. His delight soon changes to anger when he discovers Caitríona is to blame for all the initial bad press, and to add insult to injury, she got paid to do so. 

Briain, wanting to have a baby with Berni, and knowing it’s the perfect time in her cycle, suggests they try today. Bobbi Lee seeing Berni’s reluctance, has a word in Briain’s ear. 

Emma, angry at how taken Rory was with Michelle, is adamant they do not get back together. She takes great delight in telling Michelle that she meant nothing to Rory, she was just another woman in their open relationship.

Tadhg discovers that he and Áine were left everything in Frances will. He takes great joy in rubbing Malachaí’s face in it but Malachaí thinks it gives Tadhg motive for killing Frances. 

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