A worried Colm fears he will be arrested for stealing the Ionad Pobail credit card, does some detective work of his own, and discovers who the real culprit is. But has Colm enough evidence to clear his name?

Briain, worried about the CCTV footage of him attacking Sorcha in the Ionad Pobail, wants to erase it. Will Briain manage to do this or get caught doing so?

Mack, believing he has convinced Dee of his love, finds himself at her mercy. Is Mack in grave danger?

Tadhg and Áine sit by France’s bed, willing her to wake up. There seems to be hope when Frances opens her eyes. But the hope soon diminishes when Frances machines start to beep. Will we lose our beloved Frances?

John Joe is not impressed to find Mack in a slumber in the sitting room. His disgust soon turns to worry when he attempts to wake him, but realises he cannot. Is Mack alive?

Colm discovers the invoice Tommy sent Caitríona for the CCTV on her computer. There is a stark difference in what Tommy quoted and what Caitríona said he asked for. Colm finally confronts Caitríona.

Huge relief for Máire and Bobbi Lee as they watch O’Shea arrest Andy. Is Andy being arrested for assaulting Frances or has Andy committed another crime?

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