Coronation Street viewers were furious on Wednesday evening after Eileen found out about evil Pat Phelan's scam and chose not to turn him in.

Fans of the soap had hoped that the unravelling of Phelan's Calcutta flats scheme would lead to his murders being uncovered.

However, Eileen (Sue Cleaver) decided not to report him to the police, leaving man viewers very angry and disappointed.

Phelan asked Eileen what he has to do to win back her trust, and swears hand on heart that he's not hiding anything from her.

"Now's the time to tell me", she said, and he responded: "No more secrets, no more lies".

Viewers took to Twitter to brand her "gullible", "stupid" and "a fool" for believing Phelan again.

Many viewers also expressed their frustration with the Phelan (Connor McIntyre) plot which has been running for months, leaving a stream of victims in his wake.

One viewer tweeted: "ANOTHER WASTED HOUR OF #corrie Will someone please tweet me when Phelan has gone so I will know when it is safe to watch again without the risk of going round the twist."

"Consider me Pat Phelan's newest victim. I've died of boredom waiting for this storyline to end," another quipped.

Coronation Street continues on Friday TV3 and UTV at 7.30pm and 8.30pm.

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