After a double-date disaster, Mondo and Kerri-Ann find themselves alone on Tuesday night's Fair City but will they give in to temptation?

***Spoiler Alert***

Things have been growing increasingly awkward between the pair as they continue to keep their distance - and feelings - from each other. 

However, when they find themselves alone after a double-date disaster with their partners, Melanie and Decco, Kerri-Ann tells Mondo that she's "not sure" if she wants to get the spark back with Decco.

Mondo, who is utterly confused about how he feels towards Melanie and Kerri-Ann, leans in for a kiss, but will she respond?

Elsewhere in Carrigstown, Cass suspects Wayne’s volunteering motives and is not impressed when he finds out his plans to sell cars from the Helping Hand. Orla is also thrown when she finds out Wayne’s moonlighting but is forced to go along with it. And Doug has to call a doctor when Hannah nearly faints.

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