Mack, shocked at seeing what is written about him in the paper, arranges a radio interview to clear his name. Will Mack achieve this or makes matters worse?

Michelle, much to Fiach's despair, refuses to believe that there is still something going on between Rory and Emma. But an unannounced visit to Rory’s house soon has Michelle doubting herself. What does Michelle see?

Tadhg’s knees buckle when George calls to tell him that Áine is missing. Tadhg is in a panic as to what to do when Áine walks through the door. His relief however soon turns to worry when Áine gives him the cold shoulder. 

Máire, persuaded to return to the B&B with the promise of a blessing, busies herself baking, but every little noise unsettles her. Máire convinced there is something or somebody upstairs goes for help. Is Máire overreacting?

Áine, still numb with grief from her mother’s death, is devastated to discover that Jay is not who she thought he was. Áine, feeling hurt and betrayed by Tadhg, tries to numb her grief. Will Tadhg regret not telling her the truth?

Michelle, tired of trying to convince herself that there is nothing going on between Rory and Emma, lets herself in unannounced to his house. Will Rory finally be caught in the act or manage to convince Michelle that there is nothing going on between himself and Emma?

Berni realises she does not want to have another child and deal with tantrums and teenage despair. She lets slip to Bobbi Lee about how she may try and avoid having a baby. Briain however is none the wiser as to how Berni feels. Will Berni be straight up with him?

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