Berni has just about had enough of Briain's constant talk of babies and when he mentions IVF she shuts it down immediately, telling him if she is to have a baby, she will have it naturally. But does Berni really want one? She finally decides to have a pregnancy test.

Áine wonders who killed her mother. Tadhg, knowing Malachaí is trying to frame him for Frances murder tells O'Shea, when she attempts to question him, that she is barking up the wrong tree. Wanting to implicate Malachaí, he tells O’Shea that Frances did not want to marry Malachaí and did not accept his engagement ring. What will O’Shea do with this information?

Noreen, angry that O’Shea has not made any headway into Frances murder or Dee’s whereabouts, insults her. John Joe wanting peace between the two women, insists that Noreen apologise, or she will be out on her ear. Will Noreen do as she is told?

Michelle can see how devastated Caitríona is about having to sell Loinnir and talks to Vince about it. Vince is shocked by what Michelle tells him. Does Michelle plan on buying Loinnir?

A despondent Mack, having searched for Dee and Bláithín in Thailand, is raging when Noreen and Ferdia tell him about the e-mail Dee sent them. Mack wants to contact her but Ferdia and Noreen refuse to give him her e-mail address. Mack, feeling betrayed by Dee’s family, finds solace in his friends. Fiach in particular thinks Mack needs to take action, if he is ever to see his daughter again. What does Fiach suggest Mack do?

Malachaí, determined to prove to O’Shea that he had no part to play in Frances death, ensures she finds the engagement ring in the B&B. Will this be enough to prove his innocence?

Caitríona’s upcoming wedding has her flicking through bridal magazines and shopping like mad. But will her newly-bought purchases cost her more than she had thought?

Ros na Rún, TG4, Tuesday, Thursday, 8.30pm; omnibus edition Sunday, 7.30pm