In Ros na Rún, Ferdia still loves Noreen but she is oblivious this week while Tadhg thinks Malachaí may have murdered Frances.

Áine and Tadhg remember Frances fondly and Rory shows Michelle his true colours today.

Today, moreover, is Frances's funeral and Áine is struggling to say goodbye. Will Frances get the send off she so deserves, or will Tadhg and Malachaí cause Áine further heartache?

Michelle opens up to Rory about what exactly happened between her and Andy. Expecting sympathy, she is surprised when Rory rebukes her for being so naïve.

Ferdia is only too happy to be at Noreen's side today. John Joe notices this and makes himself scarce. Noreen, after a long day preparing food/tea for the wake, is too tired to return to the B&B she is staying in. Will Ferdia persuade her to come back to his house?

Maeve notices how close Caitríona and Vince have become, and likes it. Having witnessed how sad everyone was today at Frances funeral, Maeve wishes they could bring people together for a happy occasion and suggests Vince and Caitríona get married.

Tadhg discovers that Andy could not have murdered Frances as he has an alibi for the day she was murdered. He worries Malachaí may be trying to pin the murder on him, and fears he may have planted evidence for O’Shea to find.

Ros na Rún, TG4, Tuesday, Thursday, 8.30pm; omnibus edition Sunday, 7.30pm